Life Lessons

How to Understand the Reality?

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich

Rather than dwelling into complex ideas and philosophies, there’s a rather simple approach to understanding reality.

There are basically two kinds of realities present in front of us: one is psychological and another is existential in nature.

The psychological reality is only happening within you — within the framework of your mind — and it has almost nothing to do with your outside situations, really. Most people are still trapped in their own psychological game or drama.

However, the existential reality is the only reality. No matter what you personally think or feel and irrespective of the kinds of opinions you may have — the sun will still rise and set, the moon will still rotate around the earth, rivers will still run, birds will still fly, fishes will still swim, dogs will wag their tails, trees will grow, flowers will blossom and die, seasons will come and go — the way they are programmed to, isn’t it?

Nature will not change according to your whims and fancies. It’s important that you get this now. Most people don’t get this even till the end of their lives.

We must seek out things that are existentially true rather than cooking up things in our head. No matter what you make up in your head, the reality will never change.