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Why Not be Affected by What People Say?

Why Not to be Affected by What People Say - Artwork @elesq
Artwork @elesq (Instagram) 

Why not be affected by what people say?

I want you to give this a thought every time someone directly or indirectly hurts your feelings and emotions. No matter how hard you try, the outside world will never exactly happen the way you want, but if you try hard enough, there is a tremendous possibility of you happening the way you want.

What horrible things people say is their own problem. It’s their own psychological drama. It’s got almost nothing to do with you. It reflects nothing but their fears and insecurities.

When people feel pleasant, they behave nicely, when they feel unpleasant, they behave nastily. That’s all there is.

If it is up to you, which it is, would you ever allow anybody to make you feel the way they want to make you feel? Isn’t that the worst form of slavery?

If you agree that it is so, would you give anybody the privilege to make you feel how they want to make you feel. Keep those privileges to yourself. Only you can take this call, nobody else will or can take this stand for you.

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