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How to Understand Life?

How to Understand Life - Artwork by @kebirch
Artwork by @kebirch

When most people think about the life, they’re actually considering the accessories of life such as — families, schools, colleges, jobs, offices, houses, cars, and so many other things — as life. These are not ‘life’ by itself but only accessories of life.

When you ask about life, you are essentially asking about all forms of life that are throbbing around us — people, animals, birds, fishes, insects, and so on and so forth. There are a plethora of things to learn about ‘life’ alone.

Once we understand the fundamental basics of life, understanding social, economic and other aspects of life becomes quite effortless. It becomes easy for us to navigate through life without much friction.

If you truly want to understand life:

“Look deep into nature, you will understand everything about it.

“The people who truly understand life are not the ones who study it. They’re the ones who enjoy it.” — by Marty Rubin

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