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How to Approach and Fix Mental and Emotional Issues?

How to Approach and Fix Mental and Psychological Issues - artwork by @annaabolaart 
Beautiful artwork by @annaabolaart (Instagram)

Most people think of their minds as a separate thing from their body — because of the kind of education we have received, the mind is given to much importance leaving the other dimension untouched and uncharted.

The body has a trillion times more memory and intelligence than our minds combined.

If you start treating your mind also as a part of your body, you’ll start fixing your mental issues in the same manner as you tend to your physical issues.

It is really as simple as that.

For example:

When you get hurt accidentally, let’s say, a shoe bite on the back of your foot.

Do you apply ointment and band-aid as soon as possible or do you simply sit, whine, cry and question your own existence.

No, you don’t do any such rubbish.

Instead, you quickly tend to your wound … isn’t it?

If you take this approach when you have mental problems, you will be able to fix your emotional issues quite easily.

Treat your mind as a small part of your body, which it is. This will help you not take your thoughts and emotions dead seriously.

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