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How to Achieve Your Goals in Life?

How to achieve goals in life?
Artwork by @antoniapang_ (Instagram)

What kind of mindset will help achieve goals in life?

If you want to achieve your goals in life, you must pay an enormous amount of attention and put an unwavering focus on the process rather than obsessing over the goal in the first place.

For example:

Imagine an apple tree.

If fetching an apple is your goal, will thinking or obsessing about it over and over again help you get one. It certainly won’t. Rather, you need to put soil, water, manure and seed together under sunlight.

None of which really looks like an apple, yet it miraculously works together to create one.

Nature works exactly like that. The process doesn’t resemble the goal, yet the process only works towards achieving the goal.

Once you decide on your goal, shift your attention to the process instead.

To bear fruit or, in other words, to achieve your goals, all you need to do is — simply take care of the process.

You don’t even have to think much about your goal. You’ll simply bear fruit as a natural consequence of that complex processor mechanism.

That’s why it is essential to be process-oriented rather than be goal-oriented.

Life Lessons

How to Approach and Fix Mental and Emotional Issues?

How to Approach and Fix Mental and Psychological Issues - artwork by @annaabolaart 
Beautiful artwork by @annaabolaart (Instagram)

Most people think of their minds as a separate thing from their body — because of the kind of education we have received, the mind is given to much importance leaving the other dimension untouched and uncharted.

The body has a trillion times more memory and intelligence than our minds combined.

If you start treating your mind also as a part of your body, you’ll start fixing your mental issues in the same manner as you tend to your physical issues.

It is really as simple as that.

For example:

When you get hurt accidentally, let’s say, a shoe bite on the back of your foot.

Do you apply ointment and band-aid as soon as possible or do you simply sit, whine, cry and question your own existence.

No, you don’t do any such rubbish.

Instead, you quickly tend to your wound … isn’t it?

If you take this approach when you have mental problems, you will be able to fix your emotional issues quite easily.

Treat your mind as a small part of your body, which it is. This will help you not take your thoughts and emotions dead seriously.

Life Lessons

How to Understand the Reality?

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich

Rather than dwelling into complex ideas and philosophies, there’s a rather simple approach to understanding reality.

There are basically two kinds of realities present in front of us: one is psychological and another is existential in nature.

The psychological reality is only happening within you — within the framework of your mind — and it has almost nothing to do with your outside situations, really. Most people are still trapped in their own psychological game or drama.

However, the existential reality is the only reality. No matter what you personally think or feel and irrespective of the kinds of opinions you may have — the sun will still rise and set, the moon will still rotate around the earth, rivers will still run, birds will still fly, fishes will still swim, dogs will wag their tails, trees will grow, flowers will blossom and die, seasons will come and go — the way they are programmed to, isn’t it?

Nature will not change according to your whims and fancies. It’s important that you get this now. Most people don’t get this even till the end of their lives.

We must seek out things that are existentially true rather than cooking up things in our head. No matter what you make up in your head, the reality will never change.

Life Lessons

How to Live or Be in the Moment?

How to live in the moment - Artwork by @pascalcampionart
Artwork by Pascal Campion @pascalcampionart (Instagram)

There’s no such thing as ‘be in the moment’ or ‘live in the moment’ because you are inevitably living in the present — every moment of your life — whether you dwell too much in the past or future.

When you state ‘live or be in the moment’, you are indirectly suggesting that we live in the past or future and that we need to put ourselves in the present moment to live it—every time.

Such philosophies have been misleading people for too long. What you are actually trying to inquire is ‘how to be alive every moment’. If that’s your concern, all you need do is to —

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.” by @eckharttolle

No matter what you do in your life, you can only do in the present. Past and future are only in your memory and imagination respectively. The past is long gone and the future hasn’t come yet.

What you are left with is the present, which is made out of moments. So, all you have to decide now is ‘how alive you want to be every moment’.

That’s all there is!!

Life Lessons

How to Forgive People in Life?

How to Forgive People - Artwork by @jotakaillustration
Artwork by @jotakaillustration (Instagram)

How to Forgive People?

You don’t have to forgive people… like ever—if you simply don’t blame them in the first place. If you accept people the way they are, you won’t have to blame them and later try to forgive them. If they knew any better, they would do better. But they don’t. So they do whatever they know best.

However, if you still cannot forgive them, move on and go separate ways. If you cannot do that, learn to accept them the way they are. Make a conscious decision while you have time. If not today, you will have to choose either of the options sooner or later.

Maya Angelou brilliantly pours out saying:

“It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give, to forgive. Forgive everybody.

Life Lessons

Why Not be Affected by What People Say?

Why Not to be Affected by What People Say - Artwork @elesq
Artwork @elesq (Instagram) 

Why not be affected by what people say?

I want you to give this a thought every time someone directly or indirectly hurts your feelings and emotions. No matter how hard you try, the outside world will never exactly happen the way you want, but if you try hard enough, there is a tremendous possibility of you happening the way you want.

What horrible things people say is their own problem. It’s their own psychological drama. It’s got almost nothing to do with you. It reflects nothing but their fears and insecurities.

When people feel pleasant, they behave nicely, when they feel unpleasant, they behave nastily. That’s all there is.

If it is up to you, which it is, would you ever allow anybody to make you feel the way they want to make you feel? Isn’t that the worst form of slavery?

If you agree that it is so, would you give anybody the privilege to make you feel how they want to make you feel. Keep those privileges to yourself. Only you can take this call, nobody else will or can take this stand for you.

Life Lessons

Why do People Think Life is a Race?

Is Life a Race ~ Artwork by @tatsipop
Artwork by @tatsipop (Instagram)

Is Life a Race?

Life is not a race. It is an immense privilege. Not a track but a cosmic terrain that supports all life forms.

People who think that life is a race must pace up and get to the finish line soon but reaching the end line only means death.

People only tend to see life as a race because they have made a competition out of everything. And in the process, they are unfortunately missing out on living it … really.

Complement the understanding of this particular aspect of life with an insightful line from the song ‘Breathe’ by the artist Alexi Murdoch (Instagram handle: @alximrdch ).

“Keep your head above water but don’t forget to breathe”

Life Lessons

How to Understand Life?

How to Understand Life - Artwork by @kebirch
Artwork by @kebirch

When most people think about the life, they’re actually considering the accessories of life such as — families, schools, colleges, jobs, offices, houses, cars, and so many other things — as life. These are not ‘life’ by itself but only accessories of life.

When you ask about life, you are essentially asking about all forms of life that are throbbing around us — people, animals, birds, fishes, insects, and so on and so forth. There are a plethora of things to learn about ‘life’ alone.

Once we understand the fundamental basics of life, understanding social, economic and other aspects of life becomes quite effortless. It becomes easy for us to navigate through life without much friction.

If you truly want to understand life:

“Look deep into nature, you will understand everything about it.

“The people who truly understand life are not the ones who study it. They’re the ones who enjoy it.” — by Marty Rubin